You are a strong, successful woman who'd rather tune in than lean in

Because you know that great achievement happens when we are in sync with our own rhythm.  And in collaboration with other luminary ladies.

You want to redefine lifework in a way that honors seasons & cycles

Because you see the true cost of linear, short-term 
profit motives. You want a thriving career without burning yourself out in the process. And you know creativity is the right investment of your energy and time.   

You've dedicated to your craft and are ready to birth your body of work

You've lived the questions. Given into your intellectual curiosity. Passionately pursued an area of interest. And uncovered something so profound, so insightful, so resonantly relevant that it must be shared with the world! 

You say yes to your own power so we all can express more fully 

Because strong female role models allow other sisters to courageously embrace, cherish, partner with, and take pride in their Cyclical Nature.

You know that with the right support your venture will soar

It's excitement and passion that fuel creativity. And creativity is what creates momentum. Leveraging the dymanic of like-minds, and with an outlet to share your ideas, you will soar to greater heights than you ever could have gotten on your own.

You have brilliant ideas, wisdom and experience

But you could use a little help synthesizing all that fantastic creative mojo so it's not so overwhelming! Or you wish you had a little more dedicated creative time on the regular to nurture your ideas fully so they could actually take root and grow.

With the WOMB Sessions you will
be more productive, feel more creative
and craft your best work

Be Productive

~With our Production Model based on seasonal rhythms
~This yeilds results that are sustainable over deep cycles of time

Feel Creative

~The WOMB Creative Process perfectly aligns you with natural cycles.
~Making it possible to experience spontaneous flow and meet
creativity in the moment. 
That's where you find your muse!

Craft Brilliance

~This is where you weave together little moments of wonder. AhHA!s and Euerkas! so frequent, it's as if the work is creating itself, straight from your secret place of Feminine Genius. 

With the WOMB Sessions you will 
learn how to use the creative feminine process to release creative blocks and cultivate a remarkable body of work

the WOMB sessions
a seasonal incubator for the  Creative Feminine Process + your Body of Work

Session 1 


Session 2 


Session 3 



Feminine by Design 
Working with the 8
Phases of the Creative Feminine


Elements of Great Creative 
Building an Energizing Ecosystem around your Body of Work


Moments of Wonder 
Fueling Creativity with Mother Nature's Infinite Innovation 


Courting the Muse 
Access Peak Flow States: Working in tune with the
 Seasons, Moon & Womb


Rhythm Weaving
 Strategy + Syncronicity to Manage your Creativity


Feeling Creative Time
Knowing when you are Fertile, Knowing when you are Fallow


Develop a Dynasty
Sustaining Creativity over Deep Cycles of Time


The Fertile Underground
Creatively Unproductive.
The Lost Art of Gestation


member since 2012

When I attended my first WOMB session a few years back, I had NO IDEA it would change my life. Now I'm not just saying that to be "cliche", it truly changed the trajectory of my life and business(s). 

The WOMB process helped me say YES! to what I know is my life's work. With the creative practice I'm able to step into action, and remain open to the mystery as more is revealed.

member since 2011

member since 2013

WOMB ingnited a fire deep within. As the moon cycled round, clarity moved in and set up residence. I have my vision for my future and now I know how to create it.

the Dr & the Dancer
co-founders of WOMB
Creative Partners in Lifework  // Pioneers of the Creative Feminine Process

Danielle Cornelius

Women's Health Chiropractor
Creator of

Shara Raqs

Creative Principal & CEO
Creator of WOMBcreative.process

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